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    Why Surrogate’s Partners Need Support


    Surrogacy is an inherently complicated process that has been made exponentially easier by reputable surrogacy agencies.  Even then, personal backup is essential. At Reproductive Sciences Medical Center, we talk a lot about supporting surrogates during their surrogacy journey. Surrogates, Surrogacy agencies, doctors, and IVF clinics often get praised for their efforts, but the surrogate’s partner ...Read More

    Why Surrogate’s Partners Need Support2019-11-26T07:10:30-08:00

    Should surrogates get paid for being a gestational carrier for others?


    Why We should Compensate Surrogate Mothers Many individuals and couples have used a surrogate to build their family. Some say they do it to help others and not for the money. Others say that they do it because they know close ones who are in similar situations as the intended parents. This raises the question: ...Read More

    Should surrogates get paid for being a gestational carrier for others?2020-04-29T05:39:55-07:00

    Surrogacy for the LGBTQ Community in CA


    Being a surrogate in California is an incredible way to help couples and individuals start their own family. Surrogacy for LGBTQ couples is handled differently in California than it is in any other state. You may already be somewhat familiar with the state’s progressive and inclusive laws in general. But when it comes to protecting ...Read More

    Surrogacy for the LGBTQ Community in CA2020-07-04T04:07:45-07:00

    How Surrogacy Has Changed Society : Openness About Surrogacy


    The New Openness About Surrogate Pregnancy has Expanded Society’s Definition of Parenthood What is parenthood, exactly? Is it giving birth and raising a child you’re genetically related to? Many people would say “yes, of course,” but what about the people raising adopted children? Or children of relatives? Or siblings? They are parenting, just like the ...Read More

    How Surrogacy Has Changed Society : Openness About Surrogacy2020-07-04T22:24:42-07:00

    5 truths (and myths) about surrogacy


    People widely misunderstand surrogacy and especially gestational surrogacy, despite how many people it has helped. You may have heard wild claims about surrogate moms and surrogacy. Our specialists at RSMC fertility center- San Diego, California hope to address these myths about surrogacy. BECOME A SURROGATE Myth: The Child is Related to the Surrogate Mom ...Read More

    5 truths (and myths) about surrogacy2020-07-13T04:29:13-07:00

    My Emotional Experience as a Surrogate Mother


    Happy Surrogate Mother Being a surrogate mother helped solve two problems at once: Paying off college loans. Staying home to care for my young children. I have always loved kids, and helping people in general. That’s a big part of the reason I majored in social work during college. During both high school and college ...Read More

    My Emotional Experience as a Surrogate Mother2020-07-04T23:17:11-07:00

    My Surrogacy Journey with RSMC Has Been Wonderful


    My Surrogacy Journey with RSMC So far, I have no complaints whatsoever about working as a surrogate for RSMC. I am currently working with a woman named Jessica and she has been the best of luck to me! She responds quickly to questions, listens to me and even shares her experiences. She is there for me. ...Read More

    My Surrogacy Journey with RSMC Has Been Wonderful2019-11-26T07:18:38-08:00

    Surrogacy Helped Our Military Family Buy a Home


    Surrogacy Helped Our Military Family My husband is in the military so it was hard for us to buy a house, especially with two young children since I wanted to stay home with them. I was talking to one of the moms at school, her family had just bought their first home and she ...Read More

    Surrogacy Helped Our Military Family Buy a Home2019-11-26T07:19:47-08:00