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The Best Job Ever!


Surrogacy is the Best Job Ever! I was looking for a job I could do from home when a friend mentioned she was becoming a surrogate. The money sounded great and she was able to stay home and be actively involved in her children’s activities. She also wasn’t paying a baby sitter which alone ...Read More

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Surrogacy Kept Us in Our House


Normally I only work part-time watching my neighbor’s kids after school, my husband’s salary covers the rest of our bills. Since I love staying home and taking care of our family this worked out great until my husband lost his job. All of a sudden part-time babysitting wasn’t going to cut it. We limped along ...Read More

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9 Tips in Becoming a Surrogate Mother


Here are 9 things to keep in mind when becoming a surrogate mother: 1. Becoming a Surrogate Mother As you may already know, roughly 12% of the reproductive age population is suffering from infertility in the US. For many of these people, the only option is surrogacy. Fortunately, this is easier than ever to accomplish ...Read More

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Why Become a Surrogate? Part 1 of 2


There Are Many Reasons to Become a Surrogate The reasons a woman chooses to become a surrogate can be endless. Chances are, if you’re considering making this life changing choice, you’ve already compiled a list of reasons and benefits. Even so, here are nine more benefits to consider; one for each month you’ll be ...Read More

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What Does It Take to be a Surrogate


To be a Surrogate You… If you are considering becoming a surrogate, you already understand the power you have to change lives. As a surrogate you can realize significant financial benefits as well. But nothing will be as rewarding as making someone’s dreams come true. Why consider being a surrogate with RSMC? Comprehensive Matching ...Read More

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