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    Oncofertility Options


    Reproductive Science Medical Center Fertility Seminars If you were recently diagnoses with cancer, you may be wondering how your fertility is affected. Luckily, there are many options available to create the future family of your dreams. This informative seminar will review cutting-edge treatment, opportunities and considerations for male and female patients. All seminar attendees will ...Read More

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    Can I Get Pregnant After a Cancer Diagnosis?


    Diagnosis and treatment for cancer is stressful. If this wasn’t enough, there’s  additional stress for women who haven’t started or completed their families beforehand. With improvements in the treatment of cancer, the survival rate for certain types of cancer is now higher than ever. But this comes with other consequences that must also be taken ...Read More

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    Fertility Preservation Through Egg Freezing


    Between 2009 and 2013, fertility preservation through egg freezing skyrocketed. In 2009 there were less than 500 women who chose to freeze their eggs at a fertility clinic in the United States, however in 2013 there was a record of nearly 4,000 women! The increasing popularity of fertility preservation can be attributed to the safe ...Read More

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