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Surrogates Needed Immediately, Generous Compensation

Surrogates Needed Now!

Surrogates needed right now so, if you or anyone you know is interested, this is the time to apply. Physician’s Surrogacy offers compensation packages starting at $40,000+, that’s about $10,000 more than most agencies pay. After you pass our medical screening you will be matched quickly and the money will start coming in.

What other job is there that allows you to stay home with your family, so you have no child care expenses, and bring in a good income at the same time. If you contact us yourself (self-refer) you will receive the $1,000 referral fee as soon as you pass the health screening. Speaking of your health, you won’t be risking it in our program. Reproductive Services Medical Center is a complete medical center, you will be cared for my our highly experienced medical team.

Why consider being a surrogate with us?

Comprehensive Matching Process: Our matching process relies on detailed criteria to assure the greatest compatibility.  We’re proud of our 100% match rate.

OB/GYN Controlled Pregnancy: An experienced physician will closely monitor your pregnancy and create a delivery and birth plan.

24-Hour Personal Support: You will be provided a case manager available 24 hours throughout the process to provide constant support.

Clear Legal Guidelines: You are provided your own independent legal counsel to protect your rights and clear terms and guidelines are established for the entire process.

Post-Delivery Support: You will continue to receive support from the Case Manager and psychologist.

Do you know someone who would make a great surrogate?

There is a $1,000 finders fee if you bring someone to the program who passes the health screening.

For more information on becoming a surrogate or helping someone else become one please e-mail or call 855-968-2229.

The application to become a surrogate can be found here.

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