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The Best Job Ever!

/The Best Job Ever!

Surrogacy is the Best Job Ever!

best job everI was looking for a job I could do from home when a friend mentioned she was becoming a surrogate. The money sounded great and she was able to stay home and be actively involved in her children’s activities. She also wasn’t paying a baby sitter which alone takes a huge chunk out of the budget. So, I signed up with RSMC and after I passed my medical screening (which only took one week) I was given $1,000. Yes, that’s right, $1,000 for signing up and passing the screening! Very shortly after that I was matched with a family in need of a surrogate and started getting paid. It was great, I was home with the kids and making money.

When I started to show, some of my friends and other moms at school started asking me about surrogacy and I found it really easy to talk to them about it. Before I knew it, I recruited three of them to be surrogates for RSMC and received $1,000 every time one of my recruits passed the medical screening. I was hooked and it has taken off from there. This is seriously the best job I’ve ever had. These women aren’t just “referrals,” they’re my friends and we all enjoy the support we receive from the team at RSMC as well as each other. If I can do this so can you!
—Sonya, Los Angeles

Surrogate Criteria

  • 19 to 36 years old
  • No prior complications during pregnancy or delivery
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • No criminal history
  • Reliable transportation
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  • Work from home opportunity.
  • No need to be a surrogate yourself to recruit.
  • $1,000 compensation paid IMMEDIATELY after medical screening is passed (average 2 weeks), you don’t need to wait until the recruit is matched with Intended Parents.
  • Potential to make $15,000 to $20,000 a month.

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