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    Surrogacy Kept Us In Our House

    Surrogacy Kept Us In Our House

    Surrogacy Kept Us In Our HouseNormally I only work part-time watching my neighbor’s kids after school, my husband’s salary covers the rest of our bills. Since I love staying home and taking care of our family, this worked out great until my husband lost his job. All of a sudden part-time babysitting wasn’t going to cut it.

    We limped along for a couple of months, he got unemployment checks and I picked up some more babysitting but we were getting farther and farther into debt. The financial problems were taking a toll on our marriage, we were fighting a lot and it was upsetting all of us.

    We hadn’t made the house payment in a couple of months and we both realized that within a couple more months the bank would start foreclosing on us. Something we still agreed on was that we didn’t want to lose the house we had worked so hard for.

    One of the moms I was now sitting for occasionally was a surrogate, I would watch the kids while she went to appointments or was helping someone else start on the path to surrogacy. When she saw how we were struggling to make ends meet she asked me how long I thought we could continue as we were and if $40,000 would help the situation.

    Not long and YESSSSS! But what would I have to do to earn $40,000, I was already watching as many kids as I could handle. The next day she grabbed some pizza for the kids and spent three hours