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    My Surrogacy Journey With RSMC

    My Surrogacy Journey With RSMC Has Been Wonderful

    Surrogacy JourneySo far, I have no complaints whatsoever about working as a surrogate for RSMC. I am currently working with a woman named Jessica and she has been the best of luck to me! She responds quickly to questions, listens to me and even shares her experiences. She is there for me. Thank you for advertising this surrogacy position… if it weren’t for your ad on Facebook I don’t think I would ever have found you.

    Thank you, Jessica, for making my journey worth waiting for. I’m looking forward to moving forward on this surrogacy journey and I am beyond excited about helping a family.

    Oh, and Physician’s Surrogacy, keep up the good work!

    —Pamela Kemp, La Mesa, CA