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There is a history with Santee with tweedy family and they have been big part in this city. They are a family from the Illinois who in the start of the nineteenth century rode to the city of Santee where they started a ranch of roughly 2000 acres and the whole city is pretty much on this piece of land now. They are the ones that started this city and there have been a lot of things that were brought forth by this family who were really into the rebuilding of the city. They did all they could to make sure that the city is the best.
Rotting the childbearing age and then crying for a child which no women can bear after forty somewhat years of age is something that is getting more and more common around the states. I think they are really in charge of changing this habit and make sure that they make sure what they want in the right time with some thinking done. They would be adults then and also have the capacity to make decisions. They have to do it on their times when they are the healthiest and make babies which is something every woman is proud of.
“Renting a womb was never really my plan and that was why I tried a lot of doctors who always gave me hope which turned out to be false hopes and I was devastated and I was still not renting a womb. The idea of renting it was something disgusting for me and I couldn’t fathom how the kid is mine if that is growing up in another body. Then I really thought on how courageous and selfless you have to be to carry the child of another. That got me into it and now I am a mother. –Olivia Feldman, CA.