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People will go crazy sometimes when they don’t get what they want. People do some really gruesome stuff for things they want. Hospitals see a number of newborn babies stolen from there and those are done by the people who are just desperate for a baby. These things are gruesome and not healthy for the society and the people living in them. People should be more informed about the ways they can have a baby now in the twenty first century and the twenty first century thing is the Surrogacy for people who cannot get pregnant for one reason or another.
We assure you when you come to our clinic we will take all the stress and worries from you and make them our own. We will solve all the problems that you are having in your life now by giving you what you want and that is going to smile and we only want that to happen to your life and that is to make you happy.
In our facility you will get all the needed privacy if you want for the procedures and we are always deeply careful about that and try our best at all measures. However there are things that are going to be taken care of by you like the relationship with the mother. You cannot be a stranger to her.
“We are Polly and Tara and we are lesbian. We have been married now for like five years now and one day when Tara and I were laying face towards the sky at the park we felt that there was something missing in our life and we couldn’t really figure out that day. Next day while going to office I saw a cute little toddler and found out the missing link. Then we came here and got ourselves a baby.”