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Patient Testimonial

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Y.L., San Diego, CA

Because I am Chinese and grew up in a medical family, I have used many Chinese therapies to try to overcome infertility issues.  However, after 6 years of trying and numerous Chinese doctors (Acupuncture, herbs, etc.), there was still no success in sight.  We went to another IVF clinic and did not get pregnant in the first cycle.

I moved to San Diego and started the IVF process in April 2013. The doctors and medical staff here are excellent, and they truly demonstrated the concept of “never turning patients away” on my case.  The result: a beautiful, healthy 8 pound baby girl.

Because my successful IVF treatment gave me my precious baby daughter, I have strong faith in RSMC, the staff, and their medical approach.  During the process, I learned the importance of correct protocols, lab procedures and PGS,   Most fertility centers focus only on doctors and the doctor’s resume, however my experience told me that there is so much more that is important in addition to having a doctor.  It is the doctors, the lab skills, the treatment protocols, genetic testing, and many other parts and conditions. All of these comprehensive success factors combined allow the facility and staff to strive for excellence. Therefore, I have become a strong advocate for IVF.  RSC’s IVF treatment not only results in a baby, but also reduces possible genetic disorders and abnormalities.  Nowadays, as women become more & more active in the professional world, and as a career woman myself, my advice to other intended mothers is to “choose wisely, and choose with responsibility”. Choose the right medical center for your baby.

Skye and James G., San Diego, CA

“My husband and I struggled for over a year to have children before we went to visit RSMC. The IVF process is grueling on all parties involved. The center’s staff were amazing. They made us feel right at home and so comfortable with the process. I was lucky enough to get pregnant the first time around. We had tried for so long on our own so being pregnant with Jagger truly felt like a gift. I cherished each and everyday of my pregnancy. Holding him for the first time was surreal.

“Two and a half years later Jagger is such a great kid and so smart! He makes us laugh each and everyday. He is quite the character. He LOVES music (it might be because of his rock star name or just a coincidence). He knows songs by heart and has some “mean” dance moves to go with them. He loves to read. He would much rather look through a book then play with most of his toys. He knows his ABC’s and can count to 20. He can even count backwards (am I bragging). He is so active and daring and the most loving child I have ever encountered. He lights up our world and we are so thankful to have him.”

Mark and Stacey G., New York, NY

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the RSMC staff and our outcome! We are so thrilled to have 2 healthy babies from just 1 viable embryo! What a tribute to the extraordinary skills of the doctors and the whole RSMC staff. We wouldn’t go anywhere else if we try again, and will continue to refer our friends and rave about our experience. Thank you for our miracle babies! Without you, our family wouldn’t be the same. We will forever be grateful!”

Damon and Rick, Los Angeles, CA

“When my partner and I decided we were ready to build a family, we didn’t exactly feel ‘welcome’ by the first two clinics we visited. But when we met the great doctor and the rest of the staff at RSMC, we knew they were as enthusiastic about our family as we were.”

Ned and Tammy Hand, Chicago, IL

“Like a lot of people, we were nervous about what we could afford when the news about the economy just kept getting worse and worse. But when we realized we had a financing option, and that it was so simple to use, we agreed we couldn’t put off our family anymore.”

Jack and Alyssa, Dana Point, CA

“RSMC Team,
Jack and I wanted to write today to say thank you. Three years ago you gave us our beautiful twin daughters Jacqueline Rose and Katy Bell. We had to use an egg donor but you didn’t think a surrogate was necessary. I got pregnant on our second try and had no complications. When we came back to you last year to try for a third child, you said the frozen embryos we had in storage should do the trick. Of course you were right. We’re so blessed to tell you that Jared Wade was born on April 2, 2009 at a healthy 9 pounds, 4 ounces and 20” long! Thank you so much! We will never forget you and will refer all of our friends to you and your amazing staff. Please pass along our gratitude to your miracle workers, Dr. Adams and Linda in the lab as well. None of our current happiness could have happened with you!”


Jim LeClaire, Austin, TX

“I am enthusiastically offering this positive patient feedback on behalf of doctors and the amazing staff at Reproductive Sciences Medical Center in Del Mar. My wife and I dreamed of having children since we fell in love 13 years ago. When it was finally time, we tried and tried until we realized it just wasn’t going to work the old-fashioned way (though we had a lot of fun!) We didn’t have nearly as much fun with IVF, but the outcome was more amazing than we could have ever hoped for. Our 7 month old daughter Cherie is the perfect addition to our family and my wife and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you RSMC!”

Chester and Beverly O., London, England

“My husband and I visited other fertility clinics throughout the UK and Europe. Nowhere did we find more optimism and confidence in our success than from RSMC doctors and the entire center staff. We know everyone says this, but our children really are the most beautiful set of twins ever born, but then maybe we’re biased. We’ve been trying, everything, for more than 10 years. Our quest to complete our family is over, and we have RSMC  to thank. Who’d have thought we’d have to come halfway around the world to finish our family?

Naomi P., San Diego, CA

“The office has provided the most pleasant medical experience I have ever had, with the best outcome I could have ever hoped for.”
Collin and Carolyn F., San Diego, CA

“We could not be happier with our experience with RSMC. While the support staff has been outstanding throughout the process, we made the decision to work with RSMC based on the quality and obvious experience of the doctors. My wife and I would not put our success in the hands of anyone else at this point and trust him implicitly with our care. The steps we took to decide on whether to start an IVF cycle took many turns (good and bad) prior to meeting with RSMC’s doctor. He made the difference and provided the optimism we did not get anywhere else!”

Mark K. and Trevor P., Los Angeles, CA

“Dr. Adams

[the RSMC Laboratory Director] answered all our questions and gave us a great lesson in ‘Embryos 101.’ She was extremely thorough in her explanation of our IVF process and the decisions we would have to make. She gave us very solid and, ultimately, very successful advice! We are awed by our little miracle.”

A.B.,  La Mesa, CA

“Watching our boys age 15 and 12 collect their tennis trophies and thinking of you RSMC  (you’d never know they weren’t A grade embryos LOL)!

RSMC Team (to say the least) who we found to be extraordinarily kind, patient, persistent, gentle, funny, confident and wonderfully reassuring. After a single meeting, pregnancy was no longer an elusive gossamer if, but a solid, tangible, diaper-clad, when.

Words are not enough to thank you for delivering the goods (okay, sometimes they’re the bads, but we still love them!). You (and your staff) are the best RSMC team”

Marion J.,  Carlsbad, CA

“Excellent care, great support services, spent a huge amount of time with me and my husband as we weighed different options, and pregnant after transferring just one embryo!  I can’t think of a single negative thing or reservation about recommending RSMC.  Everything was great, which isn’t easy in what can be a difficult process.”

Christy K.,  El Cajon, CA

“RSMC is absolutely amazing and this review is long overdue!   After 5 failed IUI attempts at a not to mention clinic in San Diego we were referred by a friend to RSC. My wife and I had a consultation with RSMC team and fell in love with his laid back gentle demeanor right away.  We got pregnant on our FIRST IUI treatment with RSMC team and had our first daughter in June 2010.  Fast forward 1 1/2 years and we were ready to try again but we were in a predicament this time!  We only had one vial of sperm left and we wanted our children to be full biological siblings.  So after another consult with RSMC team he suggested we go IVF this time due to my wife’s age and only having one try available.  So we had a lot to think about and finances to go over and finally decided to go ahead and do IVF.  The whole experience was just amazing and incredible and they do everything right there in the office, no going to other places for part of the procedure like you would have to do at most other fertility places, everything is in house.  Our first IVF and final try we got pregnant with our second daughter and she was born on 12/12/12.  The whole staff at RSC are the nicest people from the time you walk in the door until you leave everyone greets you with a smile and conversation, very warm and welcoming.  Seriously without a doubt we could not have had a better experience anywhere else and have been blessed with two of the most beautiful amazing little girls and we could not be happier!

I could go on and on but the fact that you are even on here reading reviews just do yourself a favor and at least go have a consultation with RSMC team .  If you are serious about having children this place has changed our lives forever and it could yours too!”

Shawn R.,  San Diego, CA

“We went to Reproductive Sciences Center last year and had an amazing experience. Their staff is super friendly and the lab staff really know how to explain everything so we understood it. Dr. Adams was amazing with us and really took extra time to keep us calm through what can be a pretty emotional time. She worked really hard to make sure we were successful. The only negative is that sometimes the parking lot fills up and you have to park in the underground structure, but it’s attached to the building so it’s not that inconvenient. I also liked that they have a Starbucks. We would make early appointments so we could justify our lattes.”


H., San Diego, CA

“We searched for the best assistance with our fertility issues and found it with RSMC team. We could not have been treated better throughout the journey, which can be very emotional at times, but the care we received by RSMC and team made all the difference. And, in the end, we were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby boy!”

Billy C.,  San Diego, CA

“I went to RSMC with my partner as we are planning to start our family.  They made us feel immediately comfortable with the process.  We will be using a surrogate/egg donor to carry our baby.  RSMC team was great – very friendly and helped us determine the best steps for us to take.  Can’t wait to add to our family with the help of Reproductive Sciences Center!”


Alysia N.,  Temecula, CA

“As my son is now graduating from high school, I can’t help but reflect back upon my journey to have a baby 19 years ago with the help of RSMC team. He is the most wonderful Dr. as well as kind, compassionate human being one could wish for when going through such an emotional time.  We will forever be grateful to RSMC team for our miracle baby who will be headed off to college at UCLA in the fall.”