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The Surrogacy Process

Why Join the Sisterhood of Surrogates at RSMC

We are not an Agency: during the Surrogacy Process our in-house physicians (REI & OB/GYN) ensure the best medical care for you

  • Compensation starts at $48,000: $40,000 base +$8,000 benefit package
  • Experienced and qualified surrogates make higher compensation: talk to us about your qualifications
  • Guaranteed speedy match: 1-2 weeks (after complete screening)
  • Protection & hassle free: clear legal representation and adequate insurances provided by us

Surrogate Criteria

  • 20.5 to 36 years old
  • Must have at least one child of your own
  • BMI under 34
  • No criminal history
  • U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident

Surrogacy is the term used to describe an infertility process by which another woman undergoes the embryo transfer process and then carries the pregnancy to term.  The intended parents are intimately involved with the pregnancy, are typically present at the birth, and assume parenting responsibilities immediately thereafter. The surrogate is compensated for her part in the process, all expenses are paid by the Intended Parents. Surrogacy may be achieved with the intended mother’s eggs or with a donor’s egg.  Likewise, the sperm may be provided by the intended father or from a sperm donor.  The insemination of the egg is performed by way of in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, including ICSI. Unlike egg or sperm donors, the gestational surrogate is always known by the intended parents. All surrogates-to-be must meet doctor-established criteria, undergo medical evaluations and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Pregnant woman talking to midwifeThe Steps in the Surrogacy Process
Step 1 — Stringent Surrogate Screening and Selection

  • Stringent Surrogate Screening & Selection Process
    • Criminal Check
    • Psychological Intake
    • Family Background Check
  • Medical Evaluation Done by our In-house Physicians
  • Fertility Check up by IVF medical team
  • Surrogate/Donor medical evaluation by OB/GYN

Outcome: Three Tier of Surrogate Available Groups

  • AAA – Available, Active, A+ quality – Ready for Matching
  • AA– Available & Active – Psychological Intake & Medical Evaluation
  • A – Active Surrogate – Initial Intake

Step 2 — Four Consultations with RSMC Expert Team 

  • IVF Medical Consultation
  • OB/GYN Medical Consultation
  • Surrogacy Consultation
  • Legal Consultation

Women Over 40 Having More BabiesStep 3 — Surrogate Matching – Comprehensive Process

  • Surrogate & Intended Parents Are Matched Based Upon Detailed Criteria.
  • Profiles of Surrogate are provided to IPs including photos, family condition, health condition, educational background, etc.
  • Comprehensive Legal Contract and Clear Guideline for Both Parties.
  • Intended Parents and Surrogate are represented by experienced legal counsel – ensuring they are clear on the term and clear on the guidelines to be followed. throughout the process.
  • Contracts are finalized and notarized.

Step 4 — IVF Process/Medical Insurance

  • IVF – High Surrogate Pregnancy Success Rate – Over 80% for the last 11 years.
  • RSMC medical team monitors the pregnancy until 10-12 weeks.
  • Psychological monthly support begins for your Surrogate.
  • Surrogate Catastrophic Medical Insurance Established.
  • Support/Guidance/Updates from your personal Case Manager 24 hours a day.

Step 5 — OB/GYN Controlled Pregnancy Process

  • OB/GYN closely monitors surrogates on a monthly/weekly basis.
  • Intensive OB/GYN report regarding both the baby and surrogate condition will be sent to Intended Parents.
  • In-house Psychologists monitor and support the surrogate on a weekly basis.
  • Case Manager is dedicated to you and your Surrogate and available 24 hours.
  • Legal Documents – Establishment of Parental Rights/Pre-Birth Order – Placing you on the original birth certificate.

Step 6 — Delivery – Legal Establishment of Parental Rights

  • OB/GYN delivery and birth plan preparation.
  • Case Manager Will Provide Step-by-Step Guidance to Prepare You for The Delivery and will accompany you through the delivery process.
  • Legal Documents (Establishment of Parental Rights/Pre-Birth Order) will be delivered to the delivering hospital by the legal counsel.
  • Postpartum Psychological support for surrogate and/or Intended Parents.

Step 7 — After Delivery Support

  • Assistance with obtaining the baby’s birth certificate and passport.
  • Assistance locating a Pediatrician.
  • Continued support and guidance from your personal Case Manager, such as breast milk delivery.
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