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Dave Searched the Egg Donor Database to Find Somebody Who Looked Like His Late Wife

Dave Wanted an Egg Donor Who Looked Like His Late Wife

Egg DonorDave came to us with a 5-year-old daughter, Ann. He was a widower, whose wife was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with Ann. She refused treatment so that there would be no effects on their baby. Once Ann was born, she began treatment, but it was too late. She died just after Ann turned 1. Dave was heartbroken and couldn’t bear the thought of replacing her or having Ann grow up an only child. He decided surrogacy with a donor egg was his best option.
Dave searched the egg donor database for his donor and found one that very much resembled his late wife and his daughter, Ann. His search for the right surrogate went on for over a year. But in the end, he found his donor, found his surrogate and had a boy. Ann was a big sister and he had a son!!

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