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    RSMC’s Custom Fertility Treatment Plan was Perfect for Me

    RSMC’s Custom Fertility Treatment Plan Worked

    Custom Fertility TreatmentAn older friend who had gotten pregnant through RSMC told us about their story. After researching, I decided that I wanted to know more and booked in for an open day. The clinic immediately felt like the right fit for me, and I was impressed by the custom fertility treatment plan approach, as the others had been very ‘one size fits all’.

    At my initial consultation, I was told that as the treatment works within my cycles I wouldn’t need down-regulation, which came as a huge relief as this had been the most stressful part of my previous treatments. I was also told that as they focused on the quality rather than the quantity of eggs collected, my chances of success were much higher than the others had predicted, at about 50%.

    In January 2014 I started on Mild Treatment, which worked within my cycle and involved 5-9 days of stimulating drugs. The treatment went smoothly and I had 4 eggs collected and fertilized with ICSI. Two were replaced and I was ecstatic to find that I was pregnant. My pregnancy went well and I even enjoyed the sickness, knowing how much it had taken to get to that moment. Our beautiful daughter Lily was born in October. My road through IVF was the most emotional experience of my life, but ultimately the most rewarding. We would love another child, and will definitely be coming back!

    —J.L., Frisbee CA

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