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Your first visit at RSMC fertility clinic


Distress from infertility can be overwhelming. It is completely normal to experience confusion, frustration, and devastation. You are anxious to start growing your family and were not anticipating the challenges.

Know that you are not alone – one in six couples with face some degree of infertility. Most couples go through five stages before they realize they are in a similar situation:

  • Stage 1 – You try naturally. But if it doesn’t happen right away, you feel you have time and are not concerned.
  • Stage 2 – Trying to get pregnant on your own is not working within the timeframe you expected. You may try monitoring your cycles and timing intercourse to coincide with ovulation.  You may get well-meaning advice from family and friends, or seek information on the internet.  You may start to feel guilt, anxiety, depression or levels of frustration.
  • Stage 3 – You still haven’t achieved pregnancy, so you may start using ovulation predictor kits or chart basal body temperatures to try to time intercourse with ovulation.  Every month that results in a negative pregnancy test increases your stress level and feelings of frustration and possibly even anger.
  • Stage 4 – None of your efforts have resulted in pregnancy.  You may be feeling pressure from your spouse, family, friends, or your own biological clock,and you may begin to fear that you may not be able to get pregnant on your own.
  • Stage 5 – You gather up your courage and reach out to a doctor for help.

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have come a long way and may be the solution to your infertility challenges. Couples can alleviate some of the anxiety by educating themselves on their options. It’ critical to get the right advise from an experienced physician.

Reproductive Sciences Medical Center differs from other fertility centers in that we are the only medical center to offer all fertility solutions and services under one roof.  Since 1995, our team has successfully helped thousands of families to successfully realize their dream of a baby.

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