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    Mr. Hong Had Twin Boys Via a Surrogate

    Twin Boys via Surrogate for Mr. Hong

    Twin Boys via SurrogateMr. Hong was an executive for a major corporation. He was a single father of one daughter from a surrogate birth in 2012 and had a wonderful first experience. He was not in a relationship, since he was an accomplished business man, yet desperately wanted to expand his family.

    He found a new surrogate and egg donor to assist him, but after two attempts, they were unsuccessful. Mr. Hong was devastated. He wanted nothing more than to have a son and to have his son meet his ailing mother while she was still alive.

    After another search for the perfect surrogate, he chose two donors for the next round. After two successful retrievals and an ideal first cycle with his surrogate, he got the news he was hoping for. He was expecting not one, but two boys! Twins!

    Mr. Hong was so happy that his surrogate got pregnant on their first attempt and with twins!

    Luckily for him, his surrogate had a wonderful pregnancy once again, and his twin boys were born healthy and even at term. He now had twin boys via surrogate that he was able to take home to meet his mother, his family was then complete!

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