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    LGBTQ Family Building

    Complimentary Consultation

    LGBTQ Family Building

    Complimentary Consultation

    Becoming a Parent with RSMC

    Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your lifetime. For most male couples and individuals, the experience of raising a family is no different from anyone else, but the journey can be. Because becoming a parent is such an important mission, you need a clinic who you are confident is able to guide you every step of the way. RSMC is committed to help you reach your fatherhood goals, whether it’s with a partner or on your own. The combination of your vision, our cutting-edge technology, and dedicated staff will bring your aspirations to life. Your dream is our dream.

    With success rates that are well above the national average we are passionate about supporting you throughout your journey. Our doctors have over 150 years of experience in creating families, allowing you to focus on growing your family tree.

    Understanding Your Options

    Before you embark on this path, it is important to find a clinic that you can trust. Your journey begins with a complimentary initial consultation, allowing you to move forward with confidence by discussing your options and developing an individualized plan. At RSMC you are not just a number and your journey to parenthood should be as unique as you are.

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    Popular Family Building Options

    At RSMC, we provide personalized family building options, taking our patients’ individual needs into consideration and streamlining the process by providing all necessary resources. Thanks to advances in reproductive technology, there are options for Intended Parents to have your child biologically related to you. The most common option is gestational surrogacy and using donor eggs. In this case, eggs from your donor will be fertilized via IVF using you or your partner’s sperm. The person providing the sperm undergoes routine testing to analyze sperm motility, volume and concentration. Your resulting embryos will be transferred into your surrogate’s uterus, and the pregnancy will be carried to term.

    If you have a partner and want to ensure that the baby has a biological relationship to both of you, sperm from each person can be used to fertilize separate batches of eggs from the same donor. Once the child is born, you have the option of using a DNA test to determine which parent is the father. Whether your goal is a singleton or twins, you have the option to choose simultaneous or consecutive surrogacy journeys.

    Finding a Surrogate Through our In-House Surrogacy Program

    Choosing a surrogate is one of the most important decisions you will make on your path to fatherhood, and RSMC is here to help you right from the start. Through our in-house, OB-managed surrogacy program, all our surrogates have been pre-screened with our proprietary process, offering you peach of mind and confidence by ensuring their medical and emotional readiness to help you achieve your dream.

    Our all-inclusive service approach ensures oversight both during the IVF process as well as throughout the pregnancy. Our program boasts less than 50% of the national average for pre-term delivery rates, maximizing the safety for both the surrogate and baby. An experienced physician will closely monitor the pregnancy along with your case manager, and detailed reports are sent directly to you on a weekly basis. If there are any questions, on our our physicians are always here to answer them for you. Your surrogate will also have a dedicated case manager and psychologist to support her throughout the journey.

    Finding and Egg Donor: RSMC Supports all Egg Donor Options

    While some intended fathers seek a donor with specific characteristics or a family resemblance, other prioritize their donor selection by educational background, talents or hobbies. Whatever variable are most important to you, our team will work with you to identify the best candidate based on your preferences.

    As you start your journey, here are some questions you may want to consider:

    • Who will provide the sperm? One partner, both partners, or a donor?
    • Who will donate the eggs? Anonymous or known?
    • Who will be the gestational carrier?

    To learn more about your family building options, click here to schedule a free consultation today!

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