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Thanks to RSMC, We Have 3 Little Angels

/Thanks to RSMC, We Have 3 Little Angels

Lily, Grace, and Kaitlyn, 3 Little Angels

Funny twins sisters babiesLily is a beautiful, fun-loving, sweet little girl who loves to laugh and sing. She enjoys ballet, playing dress up and reading her books. Grace and Kaitlyn are twins and could not be more different. Grace is quiet and shy, while Kaitlyn is outgoing and always in the middle of the action. What they do have in common is being very strong-willed. Grace and Katie will definitely let us know when they want something, whether it be more scrambled eggs or a cuddle. They just had their first birthday party and are starting to walk. Like their personalities, their appearances are very different. Grace has blond hair and blue eyes, while Kaitlyn has dark hair and brown eyes. They are both beautiful. We did not know whether we would ever be able to have children of our own. Without fertility treatment, we would not have been able to. When we found out we were pregnant (first with our daughter Lily, who will be 3 in January, and then with the twins), we could not have been happier. Our lives are forever changed and we are so blessed to have our 3 little angels in our lives. We owe a big thank you to RSMC’s doctor and the entire team.

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