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    Understanding the terminology

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    Anonymous Donor is an egg donor the recipient does not know. The donor’s identity remains unknown.

    Assisted Activation of Eggs after ICSI is a laboratory procedure in which eggs that have been injected with a sperm (undergone ICSI) are treated with a chemical agent that induces egg activation and triggers the fertilization process. This procedure is limited to those few couples that have low ICSI fertilization rates.

    Assisted Hatching is a laboratory micromanipulation procedure in which an acidic solution is used to thin and/or create a small hole in the outer shell of the embryo to facilitate hatching of the embryo. This may facilitate implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall.


    Blastocyst is the stage of embryo development in which differentiation of cells has occurred.


    Cervical Mucus is the mucus produced by the cervix and it indicates changes in hormonal levels.


    Donor Eggs (Oocytes) are eggs retrieved from a young, fertile woman. Donor eggs are used to generate embryos an individual or couple in need of healthier and younger eggs.

    Donor Embryos are cryopreserved embryos that have been donated by a patient/couple to a known recipient(s) or donated to RSMC for use by an anonymous recipient(s) to establish a pregnancy.