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The Treatment I Received from RSMC Resulted in a Son

/The Treatment I Received from RSMC Resulted in a Son

We Have RSMC to Thank, the Fertility Treatment in San Diego Resulted in a Son

Fertility Treatment in San DiegoI would like to thank all of you for the exceptional care you provided my husband, my baby, and myself. Yes, I did get pregnant and have a son from the fertility treatment in San Diego that I received from you. Thank you for always taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate your sensitivity to all of my needs and my husband’s. It was nice to deal with people who knew who I was each time I came in. I can remember the numerous times I would come home telling my husband how happy I was with the care I was receiving at your offices. This made each step we took with you go that much smoother. I also appreciated the flexibility of your office hours and the option of visiting two office locations. I never had to wait long to get into my appointments. Also, your offices did not have a sterile feel to them. I always felt comfortable. Thank you for helping us to get pregnant and for providing us with such a positive experience. I could not have asked for more. Our son is now 17 months old. He amazes us each day with his new achievements. We would like to have another baby at some point, probably sooner than later. So, I am sure you will be hearing from us. I look forward to working with you again. Thank you, Sincerely,

– Kris, WA 

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