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RSMC Helped Us Become the Parents of Two Beautiful Babies

/RSMC Helped Us Become the Parents of Two Beautiful Babies

Our Fertility Journey Brought Us Two Beautiful Babies Thanks to RSMC

Dear Doctor and Team,

Fertility JourneyWe would like to start off by thanking you all for the support and the help you gave us during our fertility journey with you. We have been blessed with two beautiful babies that we could not have received without everything you and your team did. After the first meeting with you at your office we knew there was a plan for us to follow. Even when we felt failures in the plan you assured us that everything is fine and we are still tracking down to success. During our time at your practice, your staff always welcomed us and made us feel supported during our challenging journey. There was never a time where you allowed our doubts and fears, about not becoming pregnant to stop us from fulfilling our dream. We know that our time there seemed a lot longer than others, but every time we had questions or concerns you and your team took time to stop, answer our questions, and make sure we were ok before allowing us to leave. We thank you for that, because there was so much unknown that we went through and without your support we would have gone crazy with questions. Thank you for the opportunity you gave us and the ability to become parents of two beautiful babies. Thank you.

~ Ken & Chris, CA 

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