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Quality Frozen Donor Eggs for a Less Risky Journey to Parenthood

Reproductive Sciences Medical Center (RSMC) is a world-class fertility center, offering patients the full range of fertility services under one roof. One of our egg donation services is the Elite Egg Bank where a large selection of quality eggs are flash frozen through vitrification and stored, on site, until they are thawed for use. Using frozen donor eggs will make your journey to parenthood shorter and less risky than waiting for a donor matched to you. Let us help you realize your dream of parenthood today!

Why is RSMC Elite Egg Bank Your Best Choice for Donor Eggs

  • Elite Egg Donor Quality
  • IQ Testing–MENSA IQ Score≥115,top 14% of the total population
  • Genetic Carrier Testing
  • Full Medical Record, FDA
  • Successful Pregnancy Guarantee: offer enough eggs for up to 3 times of transfer until a successful pregnancy
  • Low risk: no synchronization, guaranteed cycle, lower cycle cancellation rate, etc.
  • Price and Quantity: number of oocytes guaranteed, and more affordable than Egg Donor Matching
  • Successful live birth rates using frozen donor eggs:
  • Egg thawing survival rate ≥85%
  • Day 5 blastocyst stage embryo rate 70-85%
  • PGS pass rate 70-85%
  • Embryo implantation rate 70%*
  • Majority of the pregnancies will proceed to live births

Example:2.2 to 4 live birth babies out of 8-10 frozen eggs