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Egg Donation Cost in California

There are some things that you’ll want to note that can influence what you end up paying.

Cost of Egg Donation

Reproductive Services Medical Center is a full-service fertility center featuring a full line-up of fertility services, including egg donation in California. We do everything in our San Diego center so there are no extra expenses for outside services. Our costs are similar to that of other agencies and include all necessary medications, the donor’s fee and a short term medical insurance policy for the donor. Cost can vary depending on a number of factors including if the donor had travel or other outstanding expenses. The average egg donor cost using frozen eggs from RSMC’s Elite Egg Bank is average. When using frozen eggs your cycle doesn’t have to be synced with the donor’s cycle, the transfer can be made during your natural cycle saving both medication costs and time. For all types of egg donation fertility services and IVF costs for the Intended Parents are extra. A complete egg donor cost breakdown for both a fresh and frozen eggs will be provided upon request.

Egg Donation Clinic

Using an Egg Donor enhances your chance of a successful pregnancy and live birth. A 2010 study from the Center for Disease Control on IVF success rates reports that 41.5% of women younger than 35 years of age had a live birth resulting from an embryo transfer. This is compared to 31.9% for women 35-37, 22.1% for women 38-40, 12.4% for women 41-42, and finally 5% for women 43-44.
Some important benefits of working with an egg donor include:

  • Donors are between the ages of 18 and 29 years, these are the prime fertility years.
  • You may select characteristics, such as ethnicity, education, intelligence, physical attributes, and geographic location.
  • For repeat donors, statistics on previous donations, such as number of eggs retrieved, how many embryos created, and pregnancy and birth rates are available.
  • Donation are anonymous, providing a comfortable distance between the donor and the intended parents.
  • Every donor has an extensive profile on file.

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