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    My Egg Donation Was Fulfilling Emotionally and Financially

    I Am Doing My Second Cycle, Egg Donation Emotionally Fulfilling

    Egg Donation “I am a 25-year-old mother of two.  I have donated to one couple and am about to embark on my second egg donation cycle.  I never could have imagined Egg Donation Emotionally Fulfilling this could be.  My recipient is currently pregnant with twins, and I now get to have the wonderful image of her and her husband decorating a room for their soon to be family.

    I actually enjoyed the medical aspect of the process. I learned so much and felt really accomplished when I mastered my injections. The retrieval was easy and very quick. I have had a wonderful experience with RSMC. The staff I’ve worked with have been so helpful and knowledgeable.

    They have answered all of my MANY questions.  I look forward to continued success with RSMC and even more than that, I look forward to the continued success of my recipient couples.”

    –Anna Salem, Oregon

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