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    Top Egg Donation & Donors in Los Angeles, California2015-06-17T01:18:01-07:00

    Success is what we breed here in this egg donation clinic. We have a really high success rate and that’s why the people that choose us end up love us. Below here, we’re going to show you a couple success stories from people that we have recently worked with.
    Abel and Monty: We were able to help this couple with the egg donation process. These people were completely new and were not educated about the process before hand. We made sure to show them everything that they need to know that they can then learn. Upon our first trial we were able to successfully help with the donation process.
    Kim and Vick: Kim and Vic came to us because they did not have a good experience with another business. Like many of her other clients, we were able to help them with absolutely no problem. They were looking for an Asian egg donation and we were able to find them one. We were also able to proceed with finding a surrogate mother.
    Los Angeles is one of the top cities that people are looking for egg donors. The reason being is because it is so populated. It’s has been noted to be one of the bigger cities in California. More importantly, it probably is the largest city in southern California. There are a lot of different people who live here. This is what makes this part of the country unique. There are people from many different ethnicities and walks of life that make their home in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is home to a ton of ethnic cities. It is mostly dominated by Hispanics. But, there are still lots of Caucasian and Asian ethnicities. This diverse group is something that you’re not going to be able to finding other states of America.