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    Premiere Egg Donation California Agency

    Reproductive Sciences Medical Center is the premiere agency for egg donation California. Our office is located in beautiful San Diego but we arrange for people to donate eggs California from all over southern California. RSMC is a full-service fertility center so we cover everything from initial medical exam, medications and counseling services to legal advice. There is never any cost to the donor, all costs are covered by the intended parents. Our donor fees are some of the highest in the industry and you can choose to donate when it’s convenient to you. When donating directly to an Intended Parent you will be synced to a schedule that we design. If you are donating eggs for our Elite Egg Banking program the scheduling is up to you since the eggs will be frozen and not used immediately. We offer a versatile egg donation California program offering you choices and options, we want to work with you.

    One of the most empowering things a woman can do is to donate eggs California. When you donate eggs, you are giving the gift of producing life to another woman and building a family. There are many reasons women need to use donor eggs including: delayed child-bearing, the effects of cancer treatment, autoimmune diseases, repetitive IVF failure or miscarriage, inherited genetic disease and chromosomal abnormalities, premature ovarian failure and anatomical issues preventing oocyte retrieval. Life has dealt these women a low blow but it’s something you, when you donate eggs California, can help them overcome.

    What Happens When You Donate Eggs California Through RSMC

    Egg donation California is an anonymous process. After your initial paperwork is complete you will be screened. The screening process will involve blood work, an ultrasound, and a psychological evaluation. This is all completed at our facility and at your convenience. Once you are accepted into the program your profile is provided to Intended Parents. This includes photos, family condition, health condition, educational background, etc. When you donate eggs California directly to Intended Parents there is a short time commitment, 3-4 weeks, when you are expected to be available. If you choose to donate eggs California to RSMC’s Elite Egg Bank the time commitment is shorter because your cycle doesn’t have to be synced, we will work with your natural cycle.

    To ready your body for egg donation California you will be put on injectable medication for about 2 weeks. We will provide the medication and show you, or another person, how to inject it. We also have a page on our website with videos detailing how to use each injectable medication so you won’t have any questions about what you’re doing. The first medication you’ll be injecting is Lupron, which suppress your reproductive hormones and allow us to have control of the timing of your cycle. Once your menstrual period starts you will start injecting Gonadotropins to stimulate your ovaries so they will produce multiple mature eggs in one cycle. Finally, 36 hours before your scheduled egg retrieval, you will inject HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). HCG will cause the eggs to become mature and be released from the wall of the follicle. The timing here is critical, we need to perform the retrieval before the eggs are ovulated into the abdomen.

    On the day of the retrieval you will need to have someone bring you to the medical center as you won’t be able to drive home. Before the procedure starts we will administer medications that will make you very sleepy and make the egg retrieval procedure pretty much pain free. Most people don’t have much, if any, memory of the procedure. The retrieval procedure itself is performed using an endovaginal ultrasound with a needle guide attached. A needle is passed through the back wall of the vagina and into the ovary and the eggs removed. A typical egg retrieval takes 10-15 minutes. You can go home as soon as you have recovered enough to be fully awake and able to drink something but you will need to spend the rest of the day resting quietly.

    Compensation and Donor Criteria

    Compensation starts at $10,000 with experienced and qualified donors making more. At the moment Asian donors are in particular demand, especially Japanese and Chinese college students or graduates. Compensation for these donors can start as high as $13,000 per cycle. Egg donation California criteria are straightforward:

    • 18-29 years old
    • Live a healthy lifestyle
    • Be a non-smoker
    • Body Mass Index (BMI) lower than 28
    • No psychiatric hospitalizations

    FDA Regulations and Donor Tissues

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has regulatory oversight of donor tissue programs, including donor eggs. The FDA regulations require us to ask specific questions regarding health history, sexual history, and other health related activities. RSMC has completed inspections in the past and will have additional inspections in the future to confirm compliance with the FDA regulations. Compliance with the regulations is necessary to minimize the health risks to the recipient parents. This will require the completion of additional questionnaires, which you may have already completed, and repeat blood tests to confirm the absence of infectious diseases. You will never be billed for any testing and evaluation.

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