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    Breaking the Infertility Stereotypes

    Despite Common Gender Stereotypes, Infertility Does Not Mean a Person Isn’t Complete

    Infertility StereotypesThroughout most of history infertility was thought to be a female problem, at this time women stereotypes were based on fertility and motherhood since almost all women were housewives. Women who weren’t mothers were not conforming to gender stereotypes and often marginalized by society, especially if they weren’t married. Men were always considered to be fertile and masculine and both were intertwined.

    Today things are different, we know that infertility problems can occur in both sexes and most couples going through infertility treatment know where their problems originate. This new knowledge, however, has not done much to change the infertility stereotypes that still exist. In the U.S. today approximately 12% of couples have infertility issues.

    That’s a larger percentage than any other time in history. This is affecting enough people th