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    What is IUI?

    Intrauterine insemination (IUI), also referred to as artificial insemination, is a type of assisted reproductive treatment. During an IUI procedure, washed and prepared sperm is placed near the egg inside the uterus during an ovulation cycle. Fertility drugs are often used to help track ovulation and increase changes of success. The timing of insemination is critical due to the short length of an ovulation cycle and the life span of sperm.

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    The Process of IUI Treatment

    Step 1: Ovulation Induction 
    IUI typically takes place during a natural ovulation cycle without the use of fertility drugs. The procedure is done between day 12 and 16 of a woman’s menstrual cycle. In certain situations, fertility drugs may be used to help stimulate your ovaries and develop multiple mature eggs for fertilization. If needed, fertility drugs are typically administered at the beginning of a menstrual cycle.

    Step 2: Insemination
    Once ovulation occurs, the washed and selected sperm will be inserted using a thin catheter(tube) through your cervix and into the uterus. If ovulation doesn’t occur, you may be administered an HCG shot. Once the shot is administered, the insemination process will continue within 24 to 40 hours.

    Why consider IUI?

    • You have mild endometriosis
    • Borderline low sperm count
    • Low sperm quality or poor mobility
    • You are unable to have sex due to limitations such as a disability, injury, or you experience premature ejaculation.
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