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    Infertility Diagnosis and Testing

    Reproductive Sciences Medical Center is the leader in infertility solutions. Many fertility centers don’t take the time to correctly diagnose a couple’s infertility. They’ll immediately recommend costly and time-consuming treatments, when only basic fertility treatment might be necessary. At Reproductive Sciences Medical Center, our doctors recommend a customized set of diagnostic tests after they’ve been evaluated.

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    In the United States, approximately 6% of couples who want to get pregnant either cannot conceive or are unable to carry a pregnancy to term. The numbers break down as follows:

    • One-third are due to female infertility,
    • One-third are due to male fertility,
    • Both partners infertility attribute to the remaining third
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    How is Female Infertility Diagnosed?

    If a woman under 35 is unable to conceive after a year of unprotected sex, or 6 months if she’s over 35, then it may be time to consider infertility tests. Health care providers may utilize different diagnostic exams along with her medical history.

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    • Ovulation Testing: Doctors may run a blood test to measure progesterone levels. This will determine if enough is being produced and