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    LGBTQ+ friendly fertility clinic.


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    Patient Testimonials

    RSMC patients share their success stories

    Complimentary Consultation
    Damon and Rick CA tesimonials

    Damon and Rick, Los Angeles, CA

    When my partner and I decided we were ready to build a family, we didn’t exactly feel ‘welcome’ by the first two clinics we visited. But when we met the great doctor and the rest of the staff at RSMC, we knew they were as enthusiastic about our family as we were.

    Ned and Tammy H., Chicago, IL

    Like a lot of people, we were nervous about what we could afford when the news about the economy just kept getting worse and worse. But when we realized we had a financing option, and that it was so simple to use, we agreed we couldn’t put off our family anymore.

    Ned and Tammy H
    patient tesimonials

    Y.L., San Diego, CA

    Because I am Chinese and grew up in a medical family, I have used many Chinese therapies to try to overcome infertility issues.  However, after 6 years of trying and numerous Chinese doctors (Acupuncture, herbs, etc.), there was still no success in sight.  We went to another IVF clinic and did not get pregnant in the first cycle.

    Skye and James G., San Diego, CA

    My husband and I struggled for over a year to have children before we went to visit RSMC. The IVF process is grueling on all parties involved. The center’s staff were amazing. They made us feel right at home and so comfortable with the process. I was lucky enough to get pregnant the first time around.