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    How Research has Shown the Future of Male Fertility


    Our fertility experts at Reproductive Sciences Medical Center have done extensive research regarding male infertility.  Studies have confirmed what many fertility specialists have suspected for some time now. There has been a dramatic increase in the levels of male infertility. We’re going to take a look at some possible factors based on the results of ...Read More

    How Research has Shown the Future of Male Fertility2019-07-22T10:16:50+00:00

    Can I Get Pregnant After a Cancer Diagnosis?


    Diagnosis and treatment for cancer is stressful. If this wasn’t enough, there’s  additional stress for women who haven’t started or completed their families beforehand. With improvements in the treatment of cancer, the survival rate for certain types of cancer is now higher than ever. But this comes with other consequences that must also be taken ...Read More

    Can I Get Pregnant After a Cancer Diagnosis?2019-06-06T09:22:23+00:00

    Is Egg Donation Painful?


    Egg donation is a process through which a fertile woman donates her eggs to another woman to help them conceive. It’s an important part of assisted reproductive technology, also known as ART. When you decide to donate your eggs, you are ultimately deciding to help someone start their own family. Most egg donors are driven ...Read More

    Is Egg Donation Painful?2019-08-02T06:09:49+00:00

    Questions to Ask If You’re Considering Egg Freezing


    It is understandable that you don’t want kids right now, but you will want them someday. You might have pondered, researched and done the preliminary math to know that freezing your eggs while you’re young keeps your options open to having children when you’re older. So, how do you decide if egg freezing is right ...Read More

    Questions to Ask If You’re Considering Egg Freezing2019-08-21T07:53:13+00:00

    Why Surrogate’s Partners Need Support


    Surrogacy is an inherently complicated process that has been made exponentially easier by reputable surrogacy agencies.  Even then, personal backup is essential. At Reproductive Sciences Medical Center, we talk a lot about supporting surrogates during their surrogacy journey. Surrogates, Surrogacy agencies, doctors, and IVF clinics often get praised for their efforts, but the surrogate’s partner ...Read More

    Why Surrogate’s Partners Need Support2019-08-21T07:58:23+00:00

    PCOS-Related Infertility Treatment Options


    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, commonly known as PCOS, is the most common ovulatory disorder found in women with fertility problems.  It affects as many as 10% of all women in their prime childbearing years. Before discussing PCOS treatments, let’s understand what PCOS is in a bit more detail. What is PCOS? PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ...Read More

    PCOS-Related Infertility Treatment Options2019-08-21T08:07:25+00:00

    LGBT Family Building Options


    LGBT family planning is unique for each couple when it comes to Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). Gay family building is not as complicated as it used to be, because modern technology has created multiple ways for them to become parents. Reproductive Sciences Medical Center is a fertility agency, in San Diego, which specializes in providing ...Read More

    LGBT Family Building Options2019-06-05T23:24:13+00:00

    The Pros and Cons of Egg Donation


    Donating your eggs to help others become parents is one of the greatest gifts that a woman can provide. It is a selfless and generous act that women take pride in doing. However, not every woman can be granted this opportunity.  There are certain requirements and restrictions related to egg donation. For example, a donor ...Read More

    The Pros and Cons of Egg Donation2019-05-31T04:34:43+00:00

    Becoming a Surrogate with RSMC


    How to Become a Surrogate With RSMC Giving the gift of life and bringing about the joys of parenthood to others are some of the many reasons why women choose to become a surrogate mother. Surrogates have the chance to do something that not many others can. For those women who cannot have a child ...Read More

    Becoming a Surrogate with RSMC2019-06-12T11:36:10+00:00

    Should surrogates get paid for being a gestational carrier for others?


    Why We should Compensate Surrogate Mothers Many individuals and couples have used a surrogate to build their family. Some say they do it to help others and not for the money. Others say that they do it because they know close ones who are in similar situations as the intended parents. This raises the question: ...Read More

    Should surrogates get paid for being a gestational carrier for others?2019-08-21T08:14:21+00:00