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    Legal and Insurance

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    RSMC Legal Representation

    Legal Representation

    We understand the decision to seek fertility treatment may be influenced by legal and safety concerns. For this reason, we provide legal representation dedicated to guide and protect parents, egg donors and surrogates. Our independent legal counsel provides support before, during, and after your journey. This includes establishing an agreement, ensuring it is enforced, and making sure all terms are met.

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    As with any pregnancy, there are uncertainties associated with medical care costs. To account for the fluctuation of costs, we offer professional services and transparent pricing. Some agencies may lower prices during the contract signing period but charge more at a later date. We make it our priority to ensure our Intended Parents are aware of pricing before their journey begins. Our insurance plans cover those choosing to use a surrogate to assist in their journey.

    RSMC Financial Insurance

    Surrogate, OB/GYN and Medical (including accident) Universal Insurance:

    When using a surrogate, medical care costs are a big concern for most Intended Parents. To eliminate this concern, we offer Universal Insurance to cover all medical expenses. This minimizes out-of-pocket costs for the Intended Parents. The surrogate will be enrolled in an insurance plan that covers all medical expenses associated with her pregnancy. Costs included: physician’s visits, ultrasounds, surgical procedures, and other related expenses. With our policy, the surrogate can choose their own physician and hospital, giving them access to the best possible medical care. 

    Other Insurance Options:

    1. IVF Catastrophic/accidental insurance
    2. Surrogate Life Insurance
    3. Surrogate Permanent Disability Insurance
    4. Loss of Reproductive Organ Insurance

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