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Four Guaranteed Plans

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1. Two-Cycle Plus Plan: Patient receives up to 2 cycle of retrieval and one–multi transfers (fresh and frozen). Refund of 50% if successful pregnancy** is not achieved.

2. Three-Cycle Plus Plan: Patient receives up to 3 cycles of retrieval and one–multi transfers (fresh and frozen). Refund of 70% if successful pregnancy** is not achieved.

RSMC IVF Guarantee Program

RSMC offers an IVF Guarantee Program to qualified patients to help you enter IVF treatment with additional confidence. If you qualify for and are accepted to the program and are not successfully pregnant**, you will be refunded 100% or partial of the treatment money you have paid, depending on your level of qualification.  While IVF technology has proved to be a very successful treatment, some patients with certain conditions may require multiple cycles of IVF to achieve a successful pregnancy.  RSMC offers four different options for a patient to choose from as part of a IVF Guarantee Program.

The IVF Guarantee Program maximizes your probability of a successful pregnancy**  through the options of multiple pre-paid cycles at a flat rate.  The flat rate includes all consultations (except the initial consultation), monitoring for each cycle, egg retrievals, embryo transfers (ET: fresh and frozen), cryopreservation and the first year of embryo storage.

What the IVF Guarantee Program does not include:  You will not receive any refund on the initial consultation, diagnostic tests (such as HSG, SIS, blood tests, etc), medications, correction surgeries, PGD/PGS, ICSI, and recruitment or purchase of donor sperm or donor eggs, or any related service fees.

RSMC accepts most major insurances for our professional fee and diagnostic testing and will facilitate application and billing. However RSMC’s facility and laboratories, tissue banks and certain procedures are not subject to insurance payments and will be prepaid only. However, RSMC’s billing department will facilitate super-bill and insurance filing for all our patients upon requests. For details, please consult with RSMC’s financial coordinators.

 **Safely past the first trimester

Evaluation Criteria & Committee

The evaluation will include patient’s age, life style, fertility history and diagnostic testing. A committee including our physicians, laboratory director, embryologists and other specialists will decide for which program the patient will be eligible, including options for donor eggs, donor sperm and gestational carrier (surrogate).

3. Two-Cycle + One Donor Cycle Plan: Patient and the donor will receive up to 3 cycles of retrievals (two of your own egg retrieval and one donor egg retrieval) and the patient will receive one–multi transfers (fresh and frozen).  Refund of 100% if successful pregnancy** is not achieved.  Patients of any age who do not require a surrogate may qualify for this plan.

4. Mini IVF Cycle Plan (minimum stimulation) Patient will receive up to 3-4 cycles of retrieval of quality eggs.  Patient can then choose PGS with frozen Embryo Transfer. Refund of 70% if successful pregnancy** is not achieved.

 **Safely past the first trimester


Program Ineligibility Factors

Patients with any of these factors do not qualify:

  • 38 years or older (treatment must be finished by 38th birthday)
  • Smoker for at least 12 months prior to mediation starts
  • Prior failed IVF cycle or miscarriage
  • Body Mass Index of 30 or higher
  • AMH above normal limits
  • Ovarian Cystectomy or Endometrioma
  • FSH and Estradiol levels over normal limits
  • Untreated Hydrosalpinx
  • Insufficient Antral Follicle Count
  • Abnormal uterus
  • PGD/PGS – genetic abnormalities or gender selection
  • Other underlying health issues


For patients using donor eggs:

  • Body Mass Index of 30 or higher
  • Untreated Hydrosalpinx
  • Donor must be under age 30 & have a normal ovarian reserve
  • Prior failed donor IVF cycle or miscarriage with donor eggs
  • Abnormal uterus
  • PGD/PGS – genetic abnormalities or gender selection

Male factors (for patients who are using partners sperm):

  • Non-obstructive azoospermia
  • Age 55 or older